This has been done before and it failed. #unhate #unsincere @benetton_ucb

Hey Benetton, are we at least allowed to hate the insincerity of your advertising? You’ve done this once and failed big. I’m pretty confident it will fail again, this time for good.

Your company was once built on operational excellence, logistics, just-in-time manufacturing and value chain management. Yet you’ve falsely attributed your success solely to your brand’s provocative ads. Yes they drew attention on one side, but they also drained your brand down the hole. Here you go again. I’ll try to explain why and how wrong this is.

Yes. This has been done before. Remember?

Benetton has a long history of controversial & provocative ads in the 1990’s, led by then creative head, the “infamous” photographer Oliviero Toscani. He exploited serious world matters on giant urban billboards with shocking and irritating images. All for a cause, to raise awareness the company claimed.

Nevertheless we have never ever seen even one of these posters in the “heavenly” Benetton stores, at the point of sales, where shopkeepsers had to move merchandise. Benetton stores always and still have a peaceful, heavenly mix of colors and people. (Apparently they now use the store façades as well…)

The causes were obviously manipulated to drive people to the Benetton heaven. But that didn’t happen. During 1990’s the tone of Benetton campaigns went from a multicultural and peaceful mix of racial colors to bloody death & war scenes.

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